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Friendship Missionary Baptist Church History

In 1950, Dr. G. Going Daniels and a few of God's faithful servants under the guidance of the Holy Spirit founded the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church.  After a meeting of these committed members, the church authorized the purchase of the property from Mrs. Sarah Nesbitt.

Many members of the congregation and community joined in and gave their time and talents in the construction of the building, which began in June 1950.  While our church was under construction, Mt. Zion Holiness Church graciously allowed us to use their sanctuary to hold services. On July 10, 1950, an election of church officers took place.  On July 11, 1950, the church reconvened a special meeting to ratify the newly elected officers and to select a church name.  The pastor offered the name Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. The church body approved the name. The second Sunday in July 1950, the church congregation, city mayor, and citizens from all segments of the community marched from Mt. Zion Holiness Church to the new church building.  At the entrance, participants prayed to ask God's blessings on the edifice.  God blessed the church, and it continued to grow in membership.

In May 1961, the church suffered a significant loss in the death of Dr. G. Going Daniels.  It was not until February 1962 that the church called the second pastor, Rev. Rufus J. Daniels, the son of Dr. G. Going Daniels.  During Rev. Rufus J. Daniels's pastorate, the church continued to prosper, membership increased, and church renovations started. The renovation project was completed in 1975. The R. J. Daniels' Chorus, the Young Women's Auxiliary, the Learning Center, Bible Study Class, the Children's choir, the Brotherhood, and Prayer Band came into existence during the pastorate of Rev. Rufus J. Daniels.

In the summer of 1982, a young seminary student, Charles Milton Pee, blessed the church through his internship under the direction of Pastor Daniels. After the loss of Dr. Rufus J. Daniels, the church called its third pastor, Rev. Charles Milton Pee, on April 5, 1983. Rev. Pee came with vigor, youthfulness, and a desire to implement a biblically-based, total membership, and an accountable church financial program.  He called for increased giving and reinforced tithing by all members.  This initiative resulted in the church's pay off of the mortgage for the 1975 renovations. 

During this time, the church organized the first Senior Citizen's Day, Male Ensemble, Youth Council, and Church membership classes. In 1985, the church purchased land for the construction of a new edifice.  In May 1990, the property was cleared, and on January 3, 1993, the church held a ground-breaking ceremony at the site located at 1111 Grainger Road. On September 5, 1993, at 11:00 am, the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church family had its worship service in the new edifice.  It was spiritual and blessed by the almighty God. The church's income has increased as a result of God's continued blessing and faithful stewardship by the members. Sacrificial giving is a significant component in the success of the church.The church's membership grew numerically, and many of the church's records were computerized.  In April of 1999, the church paid off the mortgage for the edifice after only 5 ½ years of a 15-year mortgage.


Christian Education is a priority in our church.  Every member is encouraged to receive Christian Discipleship Training in the Church membership class, Sunday Church School, Bible Study, Leadership Training, and workshops.  To accommodate our growing membership, the church restructured the ward system.  Deacons and Trustees are availing themselves to increased service and ministry.

On June 12, 2005, the church started a new 7:45 am Sunday morning worship service known as THE HOUR OF POWER. This worship service is a blessing to the church and the community.

In 2007, the church completed renovations and new editions.  A Christian Life Center was built, which includes a large gymnasium, classrooms, technology room, fitness room, and meeting areas to accommodate the needs of our church family, as well as the needs of the community.  The sanctuary includes approximately 300 additional seats to enhance and enrich the church's ministry. In 2015, the church cleared additional property for excess parking.

The church implemented additional programs to involve the youth in the church. These programs include a Praise Dance team, Moments With Our Children during regular church service, Youth Ushers and Greeters, Educators' Appreciation Celebration, Graduate Recognition Ceremony,  Youth Fest, Youth-Led worship on 4th Sundays, Youth Day, Youth Hall of Fame, Youth Membership Class, Back-to-School Prayer Service, End-of-School Year Celebration, Media Ministry, Choir Day, Saturday Morning Live, and Year-long African-American Heritage Activities.

Individual spirituality is necessary to live as disciples in families and to make disciples for our Lord. On March 22, 2020, online worship services launched to reach church members and the community at large. Every member is called upon to recognize that we are friends to our Lord because Jesus made it so. We are friends to each other because we are disciples of the risen Lord.  We are on a mission to share and show this friendship that can transform lives, empower the weak, encourage the oppressed, and provide guidance on life's journey. Our church's ministry has grown to meet the needs of a spiritually growing membership.  Please continue to pray that God will continue to lead and bless the Friendship Church Family.

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